Format LAB

Since 2013 we have worked hard to study and to be ready for the fast food industry and also to create our own businesses providing our consulting skills on other entrepreneurial projects. We have created our own formats, some have been sold, which are currently in business and growing. Here are some of our recent success:

PAPI'™. In White Plains, NY,

Papi’™ is the first Italian fast dining restaurant in US. It’s a particular way to serve food, combining tradition (100% real Italian) with innovation (fast procedures to cook & serve).

Papi’™ means PA (pasta) and PI’ (Pinsa). We serves traditional fresh pasta (you can choose your favourite type) with delicious famous sauces and recipes...and as well we have the Pinsa, which isn’t Pizza.

Pinsa is an healthy, crunchy and very good evolution of the well known pizza.

Pinsa is a “Back to the Future” of the Pizza’s world. The ingredients are very poor with secret combination of 3 different flours , without fat or grease. Just passion and patient to reach such a good result. If you try our Pinsa, you’ll never ask for Pizza again in the future! Order your favourite!

LA BOCCA®. In White Plains, NY, "La Bocca" is a typical Italian restaurant that points to the traditional Italian atmosphere that over time has created its own kitchen identity and customer service.

MEZZAMANICA®. Is operating with two locations in Rome, Italy. The concept idea is to replicate the typical ROMAN 

TRATTORIA in a fast food service restaurant. We sold our project to entrepreneurs group in the 2016.

FRYTTATì®. From the ancient tradition of "maccheroni" FRITTATA (omelette) in the alleys of Naples to an innovative concept of fast food. We have standardised the recipes to ship them all over the world, it is an ideal product for corner shops and food trucks. You find them in Rome at Via dei Coronari, one of the most famous and old city street.

DA ME®. Meaning "From Me" is a format created for passionate entrepreneurs and chefs who are true gourmet experts of rare, organic and sought after products. With this project  we have created the logo, the uniforms, full merchandising and the menu.

In format has international field capacity in terms of market studies, market opening, training overseas, chain of Italian suppliers, shipping companies.


We’re working constantly to invent new formats after deep studies of facilities and opportunities.


In USA we're starting with our I LOVE LASAGNA® and PAPI'® concepts, which will be operating very shortly in New York & Connecticut. We are planning to launch new opening overseas as well.

We’re WORKING globally.

Our WORK is our best credential:

We’re specialized on creating formats starting from a common point: ITALY

It is well known worldwide that Italian cuisine is so wide and good that a big percentage of the customer TRUST is gained, we build the rest and we do it in a very different way from other franchises. We give the opportunities to own amazing format with great food and  affordable investment starting from 35k USD up to 150K USD.

For more information on our formats® please don't hesitate to contact us as your earliest convenience.